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Here Are OUR Stats...


We served a total of 50 girls ​during our

1st complete cycle of programming!

  • 13 of our Chosen Girls were graduating seniors

  • 100% of our Chosen Seniors were accepted into the colleges of their choice for a total of 40 college acceptances overall

  • 4 Chosen Seniors received FULL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP offers

  • Collectively, our Chosen Girls received a grand total of over $1,337,090 in scholarship dollars

We attribute the overall success of our organization to our ability to retain many of our Chosen Girls from program to program. With

The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls being Step 1 in our programming cycle, our most successful Chosen Girls joined

Chosen Productions, Inc. as Chosen Campers. 

Although our Chosen Girls are not required to participate in every program that we have to offer, Chosen has a 53% retention rate!


Take a look at where our Chosen Girls have been accepted so far!

Congratulations to the Chosen Class of 2018!