The Visionary Institute

Summer Camp for Girls

The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls is a FREE week-long college access

SUMMER DAY-CAMP that empowers girls to set and achieve their post-secondary goals. Our camp is geared towards rising 10th-12th grade girls only. We will provide a fun-filled week of college prep through various sessions like...

The Road to College

How to Complete Your FAFSA Application

Resume Building

Financial Literary

Selecting The Perfect College for YOU

How to Write a BOMB Personal Essay

Selecting a Major and more!


 Just think of us as your personal College GPS and we teach you how to successfully navigate the college application process step-by-step! The Visionary Institute features some amazing things like presentations on each component of the college process, seminars on how to develop a plan for college, college panels and guest speakers from college-related agencies, sessions on the financial aid and RDS process, a little SAT/ACT prep, and each of our camps will end with an all-day college campus tour

Chosen will provide some of your meals, camp materials, and transportation to and from our campus tours for all of our participants. Chosen Campers and their parents will be required to pay for their camper's Chosen tee and provide their own transportation to and from camp each day. 

Through our camps, our Chosen Campers will be prepared for the college process and filled with knowledge that will help them to be successful beyond the halls of their respective high schools while impacting the lives of those around them!



Hey Little Girl - Teccara Carmack

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