The Solution...


"Research shows that mentoring and coaching can make a huge difference in the outcomes of first-generation college students who otherwise lack family members who can guide them through college life.

A 2011 study of more than 13,000 college-student records found that students who used mentoring and coaching services were 10% to 15% more likely to go on to another year of college. The study also determined a four percentage point increase in graduation rates of students who had been coached compared with those who received no coaching."



This is what Chosen seeks to provide to our Chosen Girls:

a steady system of mentoring and coaching.

By providing information and individualized, hands-on college preparation that is specifically tailored for underserved populations, we will begin to see positive change in our communities. We believe that it is our job to create a college-going culture and

by doing so...


More girls are prepared for college and more likely to go to college;

The more that girls go on to attend college and are confident in their ability to complete the course, the more likely they are to graduate and actually obtain degrees;

The more education that girls receive, the more money they will make over the course of a lifetime thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities for years to come.