So Here Are The Stats...

  • Statistically, first-generation college students have a lower median household income and more unmet financial need compared to students whose parents attended college.

  • First-generation college students make-up 50% of the college student population and minorities account for the largest demographic within that number.

  • Only 25 percent of first-generation college students go on to attend four-year institutions.


The bottom-line is that no matter where you do or do not fall within these statistics, the odds are stacked against you. Students who will be the first in their families to attend college are usually more unprepared for the college application process because they either do not have a parent or guardian who has experienced applying to college firsthand, or who simply don't know enough information about the process to effectively navigate it on their own. 


In most cases, first-generation college students who are afforded the opportunity to go to college, arrive on their campuses with little "college know-how" and are much more likely than their peers to drop out before graduation."

 44% of first-generation college students never go on to obtain a degree. Statistics show that students who were prepared and knew more about the college process before completing high school will have more transferable skills to help them stay on target for completing college.



So in other words...we have A LOT of ground to cover...


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