Our Mission,Vision, and Aims 

Our Mission...

To provide a college preparation curriculum to our Chosen Girls that successfully prepares them for college and their future


Our Vision...

Through college preparation, we 

Chosen Girls will apply to and attend college, excel, and obtain degrees that will break the cycle of poverty in their communities for generations to come.

Our Program Focus

Chosen serves any girl throughout the Triad who qualifies for our programming however, we have vested interest in serving girls who attend Title-I high schools and will be the first in their families to attend college.

Our Aims...

To provide a college readiness program that prepares girls to be competitive college applicants.

To ensure that girls have access to valuable resources that will enable them to independently and successfully navigate the college process.

To promote a college-going culture as a remedy for poverty within our communities.

To encourage girls to pursue their career goals and ultimately change the world around them.

To provide a safe, reflective environment for girls to develop into successful women.