How Chosen Came To Be...


With a desire to impact the lives of underrepresented, college-bound girls in the Triad, 

Chosen Productions, Inc. was founded. Lynn Douglas, our Executive Director, is a first-generation college graduate who remembers how difficult is was for her and her family to prepare for college. Having struggled through the process but overcoming its snares, she went on to attend

North Carolina Central University where she obtained her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees. She decided to become a School Counselor so that she could impact the lives of students just like her. Although she is passionate about her career and the success of her students, she often feels as though she is drowning in the demands placed on educators to serve the needs of hundreds of students at a time, without having adequate time to fully meet their needs. More often than not, girls are expected to perform well in the classroom but it tends to go unnoticed when they don’t. When they do not meet these expectations, more attention and encouragement is needed for them to be successful but unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to meet, let alone reach every single child during the school day. With this in mind, Lynn decided to take action in her own community to break the cycle for girls who “fly below the radar.” She believes that education is the cure to poverty and if armed with the proper tools, girls just like her can succeed and go on to become anything that they want to become.


Chosen Productions, Inc. was created to serve as a program for girls where they are able receive a hands-on college readiness experience that will prepare them for success beyond the halls of their respective high schools. Our organization believes that through connecting girls with valuable resources and networking opportunities, they can virtually change the status of wealth within their families for generations to come, and ultimately change the world.