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Here at Chosen, we are on a mission to host a total of 75 girls for The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls at NO COST to them! With your help we will be able to provide our Chosen Campers with valuable resources that will prepare them for college and expose them to a life they've never known! For just $50 your 

Chosen Camper will receive:


  • 5 full days of camp

  • Free breakfast, lunch, and snacks

  • A "Chosen" tee

  • Transportation to and from 2 college campus tours

  • A resource guide for applying to college 

  • Materials for hands-on camp activities

  • Free access to actual Educators and College Students to assist with research activities

  • A safe environment to learn, discover, and plan for the future!


So what do you say? Are you willing to answer the call and become a part of our

Chosen Village as we create a college-going culture and a brighter tomorrow for our girls?! Please sponsor your camper by clicking on our Chosen Girl TODAY!

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